095: Carry on Streaming: Lockdown Edition

Time to put the flags out. Lockdown, for the moment at least, is coming to an end. Life slowly is beginning to return to normal (whatever that means).

Now the question can be asked, just how did you spend you time at home during these last few months? Well, we know exactly what our streaming expert Declan was doing – watching TV so that he could inform you what is worth your time on terrestrial and streaming TV platforms. So, when the rains come (and let’s face it, if you are in Britain, that is our Summer) you know what to check out.

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093: Must Watch Documentaries

Lockdown may be easing for many people, but home entertainment remains extremely important (just when are those cinemas going to open?). By now you have probably exhausted all the TV box sets and “must watch” films you have been putting off for many years.
This is where At The Flicks once again performs its civic duty for you, our listeners. Why not try documentaries?

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087: Mega Shark in Lockdown

Ain’t lockdown a bitch?

The At The Flicks team can’t get out to go into a cinema. Can’t go to a bar to get that beer Neil owes us. We are all stuck in our respective properties having to decide what to watch next. Jeff has to make sure he avoids anything Marvel, Graham is stuck in an endless cycle of Mel and Gerard movies while Neil has to work out how to turn the TV on.

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085: Ten Disappointing Films

What a decade this has been. Austerity, Brexit, Trump, Johnson and Coronavirus. Add to that the endless list of films which for one reason or another failed to come up to expectations.

Just what are these disappointing films? The At The Flicks team put together a special panel to nominate some of the most personal heart breaking features of the last ten years. Adding to that disappointment is the fact that many talked about here were built up with critical expectations.

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