009: Elvis Outtakes

For the July Podcast (Whitney Tags the Incredibles), we recorded an interview with musical arranger Robin A. Smith. Due to time constraints we could not include all of the material we recorded with Robin. In particular there was an outtake about the legendary singer Elvis Presley, that we felt we just had to share with our listeners. Enjoy these few minutes when Jeff discusses Robins involvement in the production of “The Wonder of You” CD and the challenges of taking this album on the road with a full orchestra, synchronised with video footage of the King of Rock and Roll.

Many thanks to Robin for sparing us the time from his busy schedule to sit down with us for this interview.

The Wonder of you Album

Here is a link to the album discussed in the interview.

The Wonder of you – Elvis with the London Philharmonic Orchestra

In the interview Robin also mentioned the previous album “If I can Dream” and here is a link to tht album as well.

If I can Dream – Elvis with the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Video Clip of the Concert

Below is a short documentary about the making of The Wonder of you CD.