012: Superhero Flops

In this Short, Graham & Jeff discuss, the time before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A time when the majority of Superhero movies lost money and ruined careers.

We discuss the Origin Story of Superheroes from Print comics in the 30s, to the importance of radio in the 40s, to TV in the 50s and finally arriving at the Silver Screen. We also play a game of “Bargepole or Belter” where Jeff lists 25 pre MCU Superhero movies and asks Graham which of these movies should not be touched with a “BARGEPOLE” and which are “BELTERS” and well worth a watch.

Mentioned in the Podcast

In the podcast we mention the soundtrack for the Movie Jonah Hex. This music was by the heavy metal band Mastodon. Below, as promised in the show, is a sample of Mastodon’s excellent contribution to this truly terrible Superhero Movie.

In the podcast we mentioned that Captain Midnight had a very corny TV show in the 1950s. Below are a couple of these shows. These samples should give you a flavour of the show.