021: Nicky Price Classic Film Friday on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

BBC Radio Gloucestershire Nicky Price hosts “Classic Film Friday”. We discuss the inspiration behind the show and future plans.

Nicky Price of BBC Radio Gloucestershire hosts a Friday afternoon show called “Classic Film Friday”. Jeff and Graham have been guests on this show and in this SHORT we turn the tables on Nicky and interview her about the inspiration behind the show and future plans.

Over the last few months Jeff and Graham have been appearing on the Nicky Price show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. Nicky has a Friday afternoon segment called “Classic Film Friday”. Each week Nicky picks a “Classic Movie” from the TV schedule which she has not seen. The idea is that listeners to her show can watch the classic film on TV and then listen to the opinions of her in studio guests. These in studio guests are Jeff and Graham who comment on the classic film being discussed. Nicky has not seen a lot of so called classic movies and we tend to have interesting discussions around what makes a particular movie a classic, trivia or legends surrounding the movie and its relevance in the modern world.

In this interview the At the Flicks team delve deeper into the genesis of the show, the thought process behind the show and where Nicky hopes to take the idea.