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029: Location Awards Show

Our first new format, mid month show.  Our aim is to build this show around a feature or interview with a couple of regular items thrown in for good measure!

This month we have a BIG interview – Midge Ferguson, one of the top British location managers.  You may not have heard of him, however you have all been impressed by the results of his work.  Merlin, Atlantis, The Man From UNCLE and King Arthur : Legend Of The Sword.  Midge was involved with all of those and many more.  In fact, we recorded the interview just before Midge’s latest hit series Sex Education was released on Netflix.  So, if you were wondering where that very funny show was filmed, we have the answer for you.

One of our regular features, the movie news, moves to this mid month slot.  This month Jeff is talking about the expanding Kingsman cinematic universe and Neil has some interesting information about Paramount pictures.  As for Graham, I am sure regular listeners will guess the subject of his news.

This weeks show:

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New Show Format and dates:

This is the first of our new Features Shows. The ‘Feature Show’ will appear around the middle of each month. Each month these mid-month shows will contain an Interview or movie related feature. In addition, this show will also feature our irreverent look at the movie industry top stories, in our regular ‘At the Flicks Movie News’ section. We hope that by dividing our monthly show into two separate shows, we will be able to better serve our growing listener base.

Our Plan is to try and deliver four shows a month of various lengths and with a different focus across the month. Our current thinking is as follows.

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