043: Rupert Christie Interview

We are honoured this month to have an interview with music producer and composer Rupert Christie. As a composer, Rupert scored the very successful British movie Fisherman’s Friends and also, as a producer, was responsible for their phenomenal chart topping success.

Rupert talks in detail about his involvement on the film and his work on other features with Michael Kamen such as Open Range.

Composers feature a lot in our show this month as the “Rediscovering the classics with Elijah” film of the month is Psycho. There is no way we could talk about this Hitchcock classic without reference to Bernhard Herrmann’s famous score.

Of course as Psycho is horror, Graham and Neil became very unsettled talking about that genre. So, to calm them down, in our movie news slot, I had Neil talk about a horror film being made locally and Graham talk about horror films in general. Although Graham believes all of his film news pieces are horrific!

We hope enjoy this special show which we are all very proud of.

A special thank you to Fred Clifton from Globe Soundtrack and Score for permission to use some of Rupert’s excellent score from Fisherman’s Friends. The score can be purchased from Amazon or can be found on your music provider of choice.

This weeks show:

Pictures from the interview

Rupert explaining a piano sequence he was writing!
Jeff and Rupert: Rupert took us to lunch at his favourite sandwich shop in Epsom.
The excellent Yo Sarnie in Epsom

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