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046: Stroud’s Secret Suffragist: The Film

The “At the Flicks” team are very proud and honoured, to bring you a very special podcast which concentrates on a single short film.

Stroud’s Secret Suffragist: The Film

This film was one of the highlights of the 2019 Stroud Film Festival. This local film gives a fascinating insight into the life of Margaret Hills. One hundred years ago, Margaret was a leading member of the Suffragist movement. Over the years, however, the achievements of this remarkable woman have faded from public view. Until now!

Thanks to an amazing creative team, Margaret’s story is told in this powerful short film. We talk to the researcher who whilst digging through local council archives discovered the story. We then talk to the talented writer, who took these research fragments and brought them to life as a dramatic live street performance in Stroud. We also managed to interview the actor who played Margaret in that live street performance.

Finally, we move onto the team who created the film, based on all this work. We talk to the young film maker/director/editor and her producer, about the long and difficult development process in the production of the film.

On this podcast you can follow the journey of that team through the film’s creative process. We have been kindly allowed to use original music from the film during the podcast.

We would like to thank the whole creative team for sharing this astounding woman’s life with us and our listeners.

Thanks to everyone involved:

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this podcast and in particular:

  • Kim Baker – Actor
  • River Driver-Sharp – director and editor
  • Sam Pope – executive producer
  • Jacqui Stern – author and playwright
  • Chas Townley – Stroud local councillor and historian

Special thanks, to Composer and musician Dean Jones and the Manchester She Choir for allowing us to reproduce their wonderful music as part of this podcast.

River & Sam
River Driver-Sharp Director and editor with Sam Pope executive producer

Friends and Thanks

The At the Flicks team would like to thank the following groups, people and friends who make the show possible: At The Flicks, are fans of the excellent Phil the Bear’s film review site, which can be found here. Highly recommended!

For listeners living in the West Country, we would recommend; The Stroud Film Society. Information about this local group of film aficionados can be found here.

Many thanks to the artist Silent Partner for our Podcast Music. You can find more by the exceptional Silent Partner on the YouTube Audio Library.