050: Our 50th Show

To mark our 50th Show; Jeff, Neil and Graham sit down to reminisce about the audio journey from our first show 18 months ago, right up to this one and onto our plans for the rest of this year.

We talk about Jeff’s idea of starting a Podcast! His original idea of capturing and sharing our post cinema discussions, or as Jeff so eloquently put it: “three old codgers, in a pub, talking bollocks about movies”. Now there’s a mission statement!

We also talk about the growth of the show; the migration from a review centric format, to a more magazine type show, filled with interviews and regular contributors. Our constant struggle with the review format and finally “where to next?”!

This show is a pause in our hectic schedule to thank all out listeners, contributors and guests and to talk for a few moments about our past, our hopes and our aspirations for the future.

Thanks again to everyone and enjoy the show!

This Weeks Show:

Our most popular Shows

In this weeks show we mentioned a few shows that have become firm favourites with our listeners. Below is a list of the shows we mentioned.

Our most listened to show of all time:

Our top 3 shows of this year:

Q The Music

The name is Q – Q The Music. They are the world’s leading James Bond Tribute Band. For this podcast special, we have an interview with the band’s founder and manager Warren Ringham.

The Rupert Christie interview

This show features an interview with music producer and composer Rupert Christie. As a composer, Rupert scored the very successful British movie Fisherman’s Friends and also, as a producer, was responsible for their phenomenal chart topping success.

Phil Foster: Movies he is most looing forward to in 2019

Friend of the show Phil Foster (aka Phil The Bear) will be talking to us about aspects of the movies which interest him. For our inaugural episode, we chat with Phil about the films he is most looking forward to in 2019.