082: Rambo: First Blood Part II

After the success of episode 72 (The Politics Of Rambo), we return to one of Sylvester Stallone’s most famous characters as we critique Part II. In preparation for this, your jungle team of Elijah, Graham and Jeff put on their bandanas, get out their bows and arrows and journey into the undergrowth.

The undergrowth of politics that is. We examine why the second Rambo film, the most successful of the series, made such an impact when it was released in 1985. Culturally and politically this became one of the films to see that Summer. Even President Ronald Reagan was talking about!

During the course of this in depth discussion we answer the questions:

  • Why was the movie so successful when the idea had already been used in many similar features?
  • Were there really American POWs still in Vietnam in the mid 1980’s?
  • What involvement did James Cameron have in the production?
  • How did the aftermath of the Vietnam war assist in the downfall of the Soviet empire?
  • Is it true John Travolta almost played Sylvester Stallone’s sidekick?

And many other questions you didn’t know you wanted to ask. As with our first podcast on the subject, we have access to stories about the Vietnam conflict and its aftermath which have never been documented. We will give a minor podcast spoiler alert here, towards the end there is some very graphic detail being discussed.

We hope you agree with us that this is a journey worth taking and that, regardless what you think of Rambo : First Blood Part II, agree it left a huge mark on 1980’s culture.

See you at the next Rambo reunion.



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