090: Rambo III

Our continuing and popular series on the politics of the Rambo films has the team journeying to Afghanistan to talk about the most expensive film of the series, Rambo III. Note that there is no more mention of First Blood in the title.

At the Flicks · 090 Rambo III

This time our own Rambo style native warrior Neil (no knife, all golf club) joins us as the battle lines of discussion are drawn.
During the course of this in depth discussion we answer these questions:
* Why was this such a troubled production?
* Who was the original director?
* What weapon, designed by the Americans during the 1980’s (and prominently shown in Rambo III) was first used in this conflict?
* Did John Rambo actually support the Taliban?

These, and many other questions you didn’t know you wanted, or cared enough to ask.
As with every other men on a mission flick, there are disagreements within the team. Nothing new there are Jeff and Neil disagree on many aspects of the film and each thinks they are right. Meanwhile Elijah and Graham talk around them, making sensible and enlightening points about the movie.

We trust that you will want to join us on our journey and learn more about the film and the politics of the time.
Enjoy and we look forward to catching up with you next month as we talk more Rambo.

Elijah: Afghan Tales

Further to our podcast, Elijah tells us below about one of his college professors who was there during part of this period.

He was there during the Saur Revolution and had to get out to Pakistan for safety. Then came back just as the Russians invaded. He’s tall and had blonde hair, so the Russians thought he was American CIA, and the Afghans thought he was Russian. So they went back to Pakistan for a bit. He would talk in class about having to get his movements approved by the Taliban in some areas(in the decades after). It was fascinating

He has written two autobiographies. Here’s the synopsis of his book “Abdul and Mr. Friday

This book is an account based on a true story about a devout Muslim and a dedicated Christian. Each was willing to die for the other, yet neither could be moved from his faith. These were two men from two different worlds whose bond of friendship could not be broken. It’s a narrative that shows how their enduring friendship was forged and sustained. It’s a story of each defending the other. Abdul defended Mr. Friday before the Taliban. Mr. Friday defended Abdul before Westerners. Both were men of unshakable integrity. Neither could be corrupted. Each had great spiritual concern for the other. Abdul believed there was no eternal hope for Mr. Friday unless he believed and repeated the Islamic confession of faith. Mr. Friday, often on his knees, agonized in prayer for the salvation of Abdul, which he believed comes through Christ alone. Neither wanted to go to heaven without the other.

If you are interested in reading this excellent book, it can be ordered via most booksellers and is well worth reading.


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