096: Last one alive, please turn off the lights

And we’re back!!! It has been a long month as we desperately looked around for films to review. With just the odd one on Prime and Netflix, we had to have a team meeting to come up with a review idea. Such meetings drag on when Neil says “it must be foreign language”. So Jeff swore at him in Welsh. Meeting abandoned.

At the Flicks ยท 096: Last one alive, please turn off the lights

We tried again a few days later. That meeting started well. Graham said let’s look at the film’s of Christopher Nolan (as Tenet “almost” opened around that time). Then Phil threw in “I have a foreign language film idea”. Jeff accused him of being brainwashed by Neil and the meeting once again descended into chaos and abandonment once again.

Third and final meeting. Graham, the peacemaker, said let’s all pick a film we always meant to see but never got around to. It meant Graham could have a Nolan film, Neil and Phil could have foreign language and Jeff and Darren could make their own choices.

The result is this rather unusual reviews podcast. We hope you enjoy

Movies Reviewed in this show

My Spy

Da 5 Bloods

Classic Movies we didn’t get around to seeing, until now.

Bicycle Thieves

There will be Blood

The Prestige


Children of Men

Darrens Dash

The Vast of Night

Summer of 84


Can we take a Joke