098: Chasing Mandela’s Rainbow

We are proud and honored to present to you our latest podcast.

A few weeks ago, we talked to retired school teacher and first time film maker Gary Janks (proving you are never too old). His film, Chasing Mandela’s Rainbow is an examination of the modern day South African education system. At the heart of the film is the question – were Nelson Mandela’s very high education ideals realised?

At the Flicks · 098: Chasing Madela’s Rainbow

Gary answers that question through three very different students :

Phendulani – a high achiever, both in the classroom and on the sports field. A potential future leader, but will the system give him the intellectual skills he needs?

Andile – Keen to learn. Unfortunately the poor rural area where she goes to school may not have the funds or skills to develop her education.

Mahlatse – A complex boy. He has the knowledge but will his extra curricular activities hurt his schooling?

It is a deeply moving and thought provoking film. If you are interested in watching this incredible movie, a link to rent it is below. Also, below are more details on the film and the various film festivals it has appeared in.

This was a revealing interview for the At The Flicks team. Chasing Mandela’s Rainbow opened up a whole new world for us and we were all deeply moved. As the Toronto Times said about the film, “Life in Mandela’s South Africa has been an unrelenting struggle against utopian hope – and painful reality”.

If you watch the film, please let us know what you think. If you have any questions for Gary, we can forward those on for you.

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