103: Rambo: Last Blood

It’s time to say goodbye to Sylvester Stallone’s character ‘Rambo’ as we discuss the film and the politics of Rambo : Last Blood. 

At the Flicks · 103: Rambo: Last Blood

In this movie Rambo comes home to America. A country very different to one he left when he went back to Vietnam in Rambo First Blood Part II. Ronald Reagan was President then and Donald Trump now. Which is quite fitting for a film where the Mexican border plays an important part in the story. Once again we discuss the politics of the film while also giving our views on the movie itself.

Along the way we tackle such questions as: 

What did First Blood author think of this latest (final?) instalment of the Rambo series?

Has Sylvester Stallone become the John Wayne of our age?

Is the Rambo character a tragic hero figure forever doomed not to have a happy ending?

Is the film right wing propaganda or something more subtle?

Why does Neil confuse the Mexican / American border with a house boundary?

Why is Graham besotted with the director – is it because of his past associations?

All of these questions are addressed in our frank examination of the movie.

As usual with the At The Flicks team, there are disagreements about the movie. The battle lines are drawn between two members of the team akin to Rambo against the Russians. 

Finally we would like to give thanks to At The Flicks contributor Elijah for telling some very powerful family stories over the course of this series. It is really appreciated.

If you have any comments about this show, or any others in the series, please let us know. We always love to hear from you.

Coming soon : A new movie series which we will examine one film at a time. 


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