146: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Welcome to the continuing adventures of the At The Flicks team as they talk Star Trek movies. 

At the Flicks · 146: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

After the disappointment of Star Trek The Motion Picture (At The Flicks episode 104) , many people, including William Shatner, did not expect another film to be green lit. If they hadn’t, then this would have been a very short series from us! As it was, the Paramount board decided to go ahead with another feature, under certain conditions. These conditions are revealed in this show.

Guiding us through those conditions and the production as a whole is our captain – Darren (after all it was his idea), backed up by his science officer Graham who will be looking at some of the more technical aspects.

For this show we have changed casting for the other two team members. Neil will be Chekov, just so that we can put one of those bugs in his ear. He is now fully programmed to repeat his favourite line “I agree with Graham”. As for Jeff, well, there is only one part for this over the top destroyer of worlds (sorry I mean movies), – that of Khan. Admittedly he wasn’t our first thought to play a narcissistic, orange hued tyrant, but that person is strangely quiet at the moment. So Jeff becomes his understudy! 

Together our valiant crew will be looking at many aspects of the feature and addressing such points as 

  • Why did Kirstie Alley only play Saavik in the one Star Trek film?
  • What did happen to Gene Roddenberry?
  • How much did director Nicholas Meyer know about Star Trek before taking the job?

And many other facts you didn’t realise you needed to know.

We will also be casting our critical eyes over Wrath Of Khan and discussing whether its position as favourite Star Trek film amongst many is warranted. What makes that discussion interesting is the At The Flicks team can be divided into two camps. Darren and Graham are devoted Star Trek fans while Jeff and Neil are casual viewers who would not know a dilithium crystal if they fell over one (quite likely with the ear controlled status we have placed Neil in).

So, prepare to boldly go, enjoy and remember in these difficult days, live long and prosper.


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  • Star Trek : The Wrath Of Khan
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