151: The Magic Bomb

Today your At The Flicks team are honoured to be talking to writer / director Randy Gordon-Gatica about his festival winning feature The Magic Bomb.

At the Flicks · 151: The Magic Bomb

The Magic Bomb is about an innocent caught up in a plot to detonate a nuclear device in New York City. Randy has taken a high concept idea and dipped it in the paranoia one would have found in many of the classic thrillers of the 1970’s. It is both exciting and tense, full of intelligent ideas about our conspiracy fueled current society.

One of the fascinating features of The Magic Bomb is, as Randy says, it was made for “zero dollars”. You heard right, what could easily be the plot line for a franchise Hollywood movie is made at New York street level at zero cost. Which gives the film a real passion – not only from Randy, but also his cast and crew.

In the interview Randy talks about his passion for his film, and his influences – both life and cinematic. It is a fascinating insight into the film making process.

You will notice we have only given the broadest outline of the plot – that is because The Magic Bomb is a film well worth discovering without knowing too much about it. So we would urge you to use the links below to check out the trailer and then rent the movie.

Enjoy and until the next time, continue to stay safe.


The Magic Bomb

Winning the Las Cruces International Film Festival Audience Choice Award

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