169: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Welcome to the continuing adventures of the At The Flicks team as they talk Star Trek movies.

After the modest success of Star Trek III : The Search For Spock (At The Flicks episode 152), there was to be one more medium budget movie to complete a trilogy. This was a Star Trek film which went in a very different direction than the movies that proceeded it. It went backwards. In time that is. Yes, the crew of the Enterprise return to the San Francisco of the mid 1980’s.

At the Flicks · 169: Star Trek IV: The Journey Home

Guiding us through this production is our captain – Darren (after all it was his idea), backed up by his science officer Graham who will be looking at some of the more technical aspects. The good news is Jeff got the transporter working and Neil has been returned to us. He doesn’t look quite the same, due to a Fly like malfunction with the transporter equipment, so we can class him as a Star Trek alien for this episode. It was our fault for letting someone as technically inept as Jeff loose with computers!

With the full crew, sort of restored, we have an in depth discussion on one of the most fun Star Trek movies. We will be talking about such things as:

  • How Eddie Murphy was almost cast in a key role
  • Why a very funny improvised line of dialogue was said to pay a parking ticket
  • Why there is no humour in the future
  • How Jeff gets confused between Whales and Wales

And many other fascinating production facts you didn’t realise you needed to know.

As always in these shows, the At The Flicks team can be divided into two camps. Darren and Graham are devoted Star Trek fans while Neil and Jeff are casual viewers who assumes live long and prosper is a Jeff Bezos mantra.

So, prepare to boldly go, enjoy and remember in these difficult days, stay safe and listen to At The Flicks.


Star Trek IV: The Journey Home — Trailer

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