181: Cheltenham International Film Festival 2021

WARNING : Podcast takeover alert : WARNING

At the Flicks · 181: Cheltenham International Film Festival 2021

For this show the old ones who usually run things have been given a rest as the young team of Emily and Kieran take over. Earlier this year Emily and Kieran were working as students on the Cheltenham International Film Festival. On this podcast they talk to various people connected with the festival. They speak to festival founder Leslie Sheldon, the team who created and shaped this year’s festival, some of the director’s whose films were in competition and people who watched the features. In short this is a beginning to end trip through how a festival is organised to how it is delivered to the public. A fascinating journey for which our two young friends are your guides.

Emily and Kieran have put together an excellent podcast – in fact if I were one of the old guys who normally appear on here talking about how much better things were in the past, I would be worried.

Finally, if you enjoy this podcast and wished that you had attended the festival, then worry not. In October the second half of this year’s Cheltenham festival takes place and you can actually sit in a cinema to watch some of the movies. Check out the Cheltenham International Film Festival website ( for further details.

We hope to return you to our normal team for the next podcast – unless you would rather it was run by Emily and Kieran. While you decide, see you At The Flicks.


The Father


Wet Season


A Tale Of Three Sisters

Dinner In America


Sisters Apart

Film List

Below is a list of all the films and TV Shows referenced in this Podcast.

  • A Tale Of Three Sisters
  • Aquarela
  • Aristocrats
  • Brighton
  • Dinner In America
  • Disclosure
  • High Ground
  • I Never Cry
  • Joker
  • Kubrick By Kubrick
  • Sisters Apart
  • Surge
  • Sweet Thing
  • The Father
  • Unidentified
  • Wet Season