195: The Blue Flash

Welcome to the latest show from the At The Flicks team. In this episode we speak to young filmmaker Archie Shiels.

At the Flicks · 195: The Blue Flash

Archie is an up-and-coming talent who is currently honing his craft. He spent some time recently talking to us about his first documentary short feature The Blue Flash.

The Blue Flash is about an iconic sculpture – Blue Flash Power Box And Meshchips which a few years was threatened with demolition. Happily that situation is now changed and The Blue Flash as it is more locally known, will be preserved for future generations. The sculpture was designed by artist and arts educator John Gingell. Archie’s film is as much about the man as the image.

We talk to Archie about what inspired him to make the feature (the answer may surprise you – it certainly did us!), and what does the preservation mean for John’s family. In fact, the heart of the documentary is about legacy – both external, to the city of Cardiff and internal, to his daughter Zoe. That is a hell of a lot to pack into four minutes, and Archie does it in style.

Thanks to Archie, we have a link at the bottom of the show notes to The Blue Flash. Check it out, it is well worth it.

Archie Shiels, we believe this is a young man with a big future. You heard it from At The Flicks first.

See you At The Flicks.


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