199: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Welcome back after a warp factor break, to the continuing adventures of the At The Flicks team as they talk Star Trek movies.

At the Flicks · 199: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

After the huge success of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (At The Flicks episode 169), someone decided it was time for William Shatner to direct the next films. As we are about to discover that was to prove a huge mistake for so many reasons.

Guiding us through this production is our captain – Darren (after all it was his idea), backed up by his science officer Graham who will be looking at some of the more technical aspects. Jeff is playing the dispensable member of the crew and Neil the dangerous alien with the oversized gun (I was going to say weapon but Neil would clearly misread that).

So with a full crew we tackle such subjects as:

  • Why was William Shatner allowed to both direct and come up with the story idea?
  • Who is this God character they all keep talking about?
  • What happened to humour in the future?
  • Does anyone give a good performance?
  • Why should TV evangelists of the 80’s be upset by this movie?

As always in these shows, the At The Flicks team can be divided into two camps. Darren and Graham are devoted Star Trek fans while Neil and Jeff are casual viewers who assume dilithium crystals are left after a toilet is badly flushed.

So, prepare to boldly go, enjoy and listen to At The Flicks.


Star Trek: The Final Frontier

The Making Of Star Trek V

(a good collection of photos to Goldsmith’s music)

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