203: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Welcome back to the continuing adventures of the At The Flicks team as they talk Star Trek movies.

At the Flicks · 203: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

In episode 199 we discussed the disappointment that was Star Trek V. Thankfully, that didn’t put an end to the series and the original crew reunited one final time in 1991. We ask the question – was this a good send off for the pensionable crew?

Guiding us through this discussion is our captain Darren (after all it was his idea), backed up by his science officer Graham who will be looking at some of the more technical aspects. Jeff is playing the crew member who develops a God complex and Neil is wearing the red shirt marking out the dispensable crew member who is not normally named in the credits.

In this show our away team boldly go on to tackle such subjects as:

  • How much of the story mirrored real life events of the time?
  • Why was Sulu the only crew member who ever earned a promotion?
  • Why Kim Cattrall’s mind meld sequence is even more upsetting by today’s standards
  • How much did the on-screen signatures at the end film cost?
  • Which member of the At The Flicks team had never seen this film before and probably never knew it existed?

All these points and others are addressed in our fascinating discussion on the film which brings to an end the first phase of the Star Trek movies.

As always in these shows, the At The Flicks team can be divided into two camps. Darren and Graham are devoted Star Trek fans while Neil and Jeff are casual viewers who assume I’m giving her all she’s got captain, is a term from a 70’s porn movie.

So, prepare to boldly go, enjoy and listen to At The Flicks.


Star Trek VI — Movie Trailer

Game Footage (as mentioned in the show)

Star Trek Casting

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