209: Dead on the Vine

Welcome to the latest show from the At The Flicks team. In this episode we speak to filmmakers Mark Brown and Laura Rees.

At the Flicks · 209: Dead on the Vine

Mark has directed and Laura has produced an upcoming thriller called Dead On The Vine, which was made on a vineyard during the Covid lockdown period.  We have held this show back for a long period. The reason for that is, we chatted  to the talented pair just after they completed principal photography and we all felt the show would have more impact just prior to release.  

Well, that later date has arrived, as Dead On The Vine is to receive it’s world premiere this November at Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle Film Festival.  This is big news.  On the basis of what we have seen of the film, we believe Dead On The Vine is going to be a winner. 

As a bonus Mark also talks about his previous comedy film Guardians (trailer below) which you can watch on Amazon Prime.  We loved it and the script crackles with hilarious one liners. 

Finally just a heads up.  There are some slight sound issues with this interview, however we believe you will find this an entertaining chat with two very talented people.


See you At The Flicks.



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