069: Top Movies of 2019: Part 1

A very happy New Year to all our listeners. 

What would the start of a new movie going year be if you didn’t have a close look back at the one that has just passed? If you had a good New Year’s Eve, then your hangover time should be spent assessing what was good and bad in 2019. Trust us, that is what we will be doing!

We thought we would ask some of our contributors and listeners what their views on 2019 were. In the end we had so much good material that we put The Irishman’s length to shame (although the de-aging process that worked there, sadly didn’t help our Neil in any way). As a result and because of an executive decision (well, our Graham told us it would happen this way), we have split the show into two. One for New Year’s Eve and the other a few days later, when we have sobered up enough to complete the editing.

So, welcome to Part One where you will find 

Regular columnist Phil aka Phil The Bear with his extremely knowledgeable cinema assessment. That said, there is a very interesting “discussion” around his top pick of the year. Yes, our Jeff goes off on one again. You have to remember Jeff – this is NOT your list, if you behave that will come!

Dingle (from show 57 – Saturday Morning Cinema In The 1940’s) who applies his lifetime of cinema knowledge to list his favourite films of the year. This includes one title that very pleasantly caught us by surprise.

Our fellow reviewer Darren joins us to talk to us about his top films. For someone who watches as many films as Darren, it unsurprisingly includes some great titles. Listening again to Darren’s views, it is no wonder we are proud to have him as one of our monthly reviewers. 

A welcome back to Jardiel from Pulp Cereal (episode 64 Wolfman To Dr No) who gives us some fascinating choices. It is a list so intriguing that Jeff had to go out and buy one of them on blu ray to check it out for himself. He is pleased to report that it proved to be a very worthwhile purchase.

Last, but certainly not least for this half of the review, Emma is back (episode 63 “24 Films In 10 Days”). Emma sets the record for the most number of films seen in a year. Once you hear that total, you know this list is going to be good, and Emma does not disappoint. 

That takes you to half way and time to take a break and maybe grab an ice cream, or if you were in an up market cinema, a glass of wine and prepare yourself for part two which is coming very shortly. Listen out for some of your other favourite contributors. 

Enjoy and have a great movie going 2020.


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