070: Top Movies of 2019: Part 2

On New Year’s Eve we released episode 69 (Neil’s favourite episode) where some of our contributors and guests revealed their top films of 2019.

Following some fantastic feedback, we now have, for you, the second half of the show.  Once again, guests and contributors tell us what their favourites were.

For our guests and contributors we have an equally strong list:

Declan – Who takes a break from watching TV for Carry On Streaming to tell us his top picks from the movie world

Nick – All the way from across the pond to tell us about the movie year Stateside

Elijah – Staying in America, our classic film reviewer also reveals his best films.

Lucy – Lucy takes a break from preparing some fascinating discussions for her State Of The Movie feature to tell us what she considers great from 2019.

Zayn – A new listener to the show from sunny Cape Town who has some very interesting choices

Ashley – A sneak peak as Ashley tells us what impressed him during 2019.  We have a more detailed interview coming with this incredibly talented sound engineer in a couple of months.

In the next show the At The Flicks founder members reveal their top ten of the year.  Expect disagreements, the odd tantrum and tears.  After which we will calm Neil down with a nice soothing cup of tea.


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