162: King at Easter – Creepshow

After the success of our Stephen King shows last Halloween, we are back to give you a treat of three more movie discussions.

We move into the 1980’s and start with the knock-out collaboration of Stephen King and George A Romero for Creepshow. This was the novelist’s first original work for the cinema, a five story anthology in the style of the EC Tales From The Crypt comics from the 1950’s. Although you King fans out there will know that two of the stories are based on early short stories, which are very hard to track down.

At the Flicks · 162: King at Easter – Creepshow

Joining us for this episode is Andy @Jabbah2000. Andy certainly knows his Stephen King as his contribution to the episode shows (puts the team of three to shame!). Although it was easy to do that for two of the team members. You see,for non horror fans Neil and Graham it was a first watch. Let the betting begin as to how many nights Neil had to sleep with a light on after watching.

We turn the pages of the Creepshow comic book, you will learn:

  • Which story scared Neil the most
  • The original ending to the Ted Danson / Leslie Nielson story “Something To Tide You Over.
  • Which George A Romero film Stephen King acted in before this one
  • A hint as to how they caught the real life bugs used for the segment “They’re Creeping Up On You” (the full details are twoo disgusting to broadcast)
  • How many versions of Creepshow film Andy has in his collection

An in depth and fun discussion, with the added bonus of making Neil and Graham watch horror. Result.

As we said in the previous show notes, we are bringing new people in to give their view on Stephen King over the course of this series.

So, if you have a favourite Stephen King film or TV series and want to join us to talk about it, please drop us a line at [email protected]. We aren’t recording the next batch until August, so please get in touch, we always love to hear from our listeners.

See you shortly to talk Cujo.

Until then stay safe and read King.


Creepshow (1982)

Behind the Scenes: Making Creepshow

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