163: King at Easter – Cujo

Our Stephen King journey continues. In this episode we discuss the 1983 movie Cujo, where a rabid St Bernard dog stalks Dee Wallace and Danny Pintauro.

Returning to speak Stephen King with us is Niall from Movies In Focus. Niall certainly knows his Stephen King, and that comes across in this discussion with Graham and Jeff. By the way, Niall now has his own excellent podcast and a link to it can be found below.

At the Flicks · 163: King at Easter – Cujo

Where’s Neil you might ask? He’s still in the car outside the recording studio. The movie did scare our Neil and now he sits outside in the car terrified that a Welsh St Bernard is waiting to devour him!

So we had to record the show without him. Neil’s review would have been “too scary for me”

Despite the team being a member short, a lot of interesting things were discussed in the show about Cujo, such as:

  • Who the original director was and why he was fired
  • Why the film is like some sporting events – a game of two halves
  • Why almost all the story elements that linked this story to The Dead Zone were removed
  • The bizarre plans for a remake

Interestingly, it soon becomes apparent in our discussion that not everyone is a fan. In fact only one of us liked it. Guess which one?

If you have a favourite Stephen King film or TV series and want to join us to talk about it, please drop us a line at [email protected]. We aren’t recording the next batch until August, so please get in touch, we always love to hear from our listeners.

See you tomorrow for the last of this batch of King as we talk The Dead Zone.


Many thanks to our guest Niall from Movies In Focus.

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Cujo Trailer

Panel discussion of stars and director talking Cujo

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