164: King at Easter – The Dead Zone

Our Stephen King journey concludes for the time being with this episode. In this show we discuss David Cronenberg’s version of The Dead Zone starring Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen.

We are very pleased to have a new voice on the show for this episode. Val Thomas of The Big Screen Biograph (excellent podcast, well worth tracking down) has joined us to talk Stephen King.

At the Flicks · 164: King at Easter – The Dead Zone

As you meet John Smith in The Dead Zone (please don’t shake his hand – for reasons far worse than catching Covid), you will learn:

  • Why David Cronenberg agreed to make such a departure from his usual fare
  • Why Christopher Walken flinches when he has his “visions”
  • The possible hidden story within The Dead Zone
  • Why Jeff wimped out on four pages of the Stephen King book

Now the sharp eared amongst you may have noticed that Neil is not in the main discussion. The reason for that was, it took Neil a lot of time to build up the courage to watch the movie. The result he wasn’t ready for the main recording session. However, as he did eventually watch The Dead Zone, and surprisingly enjoy it, we just had to let him have his chance to give his views. Which is why there is a little coda, for Neil, at the end of the podcast.

Finally, As we said in the previous show notes, we are bringing new people in to give their view on Stephen King over the course of this series.

So, if you have a favourite Stephen King film or TV series and want to join us to talk about it, please drop us a line at j[email protected]. We aren’t recording the next batch until August, so please get in touch, we always love to hear from our listeners.

Stay safe and read King.


Many thanks to Val Thomas from the Big Screen Biograph Podcast. You can follow Val on Twitter here:


The Dead Zone Trailer

Interview with the Director and Cast (Part 1)

Interview with the Director and Cast (Part 2)

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