171: Movie News – May 2021

Welcome to the May 2021 edition of At The Flicks movie news.

This month we are calling the show our exclusive edition, as most of the news is indeed, exclusive. The team have split their original assignments accordingly

At the Flicks · 171: Movie News – May 2021
  • Jeff talks to Last Chancers director Phil Stubbs about his new project
  • Graham speaks to Cheltenham International Film Festival director Leslie Sheldon about the delights of the upcoming 2021 on line festival
  • Neil talks horror (nice one Jeff, getting him to do that!). He looks at some of the horror movies currently filming around the UK and gives the first reveal on the horror short Tea With The Reaper.

Plenty of new and original content there. A shame that can’t be said about Jeff’s jokes. That aside his recommendations this month includes a blast from radio past that everyone should be checking out.

So, if you want to keep up to date in the world of the movies then you should be listening to At The Flicks. It is indeed your one stop shop for movie news, as this episode proves.

If you have half as much fun listening to this as we did putting it together, then you will be enjoying a real treat.

We look forward to your views on the episode and hope to catch you on the next one.

Bye for now.


Cheltenham International Film Festival 

Come here to check out what is on offer and book tickets


Last Chancers


Film List

Below is a list of all the films and TV Shows referenced in this Podcast.

  • Brighton
  • Canaries
  • Disclosure
  • Gumshoe
  • Hollyoaks (TV)
  • I Never Cry
  • In Absentia
  • Last Chancers
  • Protein
  • Tea With The Reaper
  • The Astronaut Farmer
  • The Backward Glance (radio)
  • The Father
  • The Last Kingdom (TV)
  • The Pembrokeshire Murders (TV)
  • Wet Season