172: Brighton

Stephen Cookson’s excellent film Brighton is the closing film at this year’s Cheltenham International Film Festival on 5th June.

The At The Flicks team were given the opportunity of interviewing Stephen about his film, which is based on the play Brighton Beach Scumbags, written by Steven Berkoff. This is a powerful slice of life as a group of 4 sixty somethings return to Brighton, the place where they all met in the 1960’s. The seaside town has changed, but the attitudes of this group has not, setting up the dramatic core of the movie.

At the Flicks · 172: Brighton

Stephen tells us about bringing together his fantastic cast of Lesley Sharp, Marion Bailey, Larry Lamb and Phil Davis. How filming a Summer set movie caused problems when production was in February as well as the hilarious story of when and where he was first told the story by Steven Berkoff.

For us, Brighton is a must see and we have already booked our tickets for the showing at the Cheltenham International Film Festival. As this is an online festival, the film will be available to screen at home from 5th June for 7 days. Also if you book using your At The Flicks discount code of ATF25, you can get 25% off the cost of the screening. A bargain for a brilliant British feature.

See you at the flicks.


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