232: Black Dog Way

Welcome to an At The Flicks show that is different to anything we have done before.

For this show Jeff and Graham interview a director and a star in front of a live audience.  Not something we have ever done before.  However, the topic we moderated was for a worthy cause.  It was for an upcoming documentary feature called Black Dog Way.

Sam Pope, who we have worked with previously, asked us to get involved, for us to interview him and the star of the documentary Steve Gower.  

At the Flicks · 232: Black Dog Way

You may be thinking what is it that got us involved.  Quite simply the subject matter is of important relevance, not only in the UK, but also in many of the countries in the world today.  To explain what Black Dog Way is about, here is the synopsis as written by Sam Pope for the official website.

“In the winter of 2016, Steve found himself homeless aged 49, in the wake of a family tragedy. His story is like many others. 219,000 in England alone, every single year. 

Steve was a victim of circumstance and a man suffering from his memories. He became trapped moving through the support system, trying and failing to navigate his way back. Experiencing the system from the inside, he saw it as fundamentally broken. After getting himself back on his feet, he vowed to ensure others wouldn’t go through the same experience. He became a homeless advocate, helping people and asking for nothing in return. In doing so, he became a voice for those in need. He remained determined in the belief that things could and should be better. Steve set out, along with many others in the city of Gloucester, to do just that. 

This is Steve’s story.”

A link to the trailer is shown below.  As for the film itself, some work is required to complete the editing.  That was the other reason for the live event, to raise funds for the film.  If after listening to the show you would like to contribute to this work in progress, please see the link below for the crowdfunding page.  

As always we look forward to your feedback.

One of our more typical shows will be coming shortly.  Until then, see you At The Flicks.


For the completist in our audience — below is a list of things that Sam and Steve referenced in their interview:

Steve Gower call to arms

The all important Crowdfunding Page

Black Dog Way a Documentary – Crowdfunding Page

An apology


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positive tool to drive improvement as well as helping to highlight
underlying or systemic problems, we do not always get it right the first
time, as the Housing Ombudsman’s determination quite clearly shows
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Therefore, I would like to offer our deepest apologies for the anxiety,
frustration, and trouble caused to you, due to us not dealing properly
with the issues you raised or putting them right for you.

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Chief Executive

Cathy O’Leary

President Franklin Roosevelt’s

Annual Message (Four Freedoms) to Congress (1941)