233: Carry on Halloween Special

Halloween is fast approaching and as usual, your At The Flicks team have a few treats for you.

At the Flicks · 233: Carry on Halloween Special

Coming your way is a trilogy of terror, no, not Jeff, Graham and Neil, instead three epically scary shows. The fun starts with this spooktacular Halloween party from another member of the team. It’s a big treat as Declan is allowing us into his Halloween home. Beamed direct from Declan’s haunted mansion is the scary time we all want at Halloween (not counting Graham and Neil of course).

This is a special building, designed for seasonal excitement. There are three sections in this massive gothic structure. The first is the movie hall where Dec will unveil five thrills of the season for you. No clues as to what they are, except to say most of them sent Graham’s fear factor up to 11 – even though one of them was in black and white. Mind you there was an equal scare for Jeff when it was revealed one of them had subtitles. Luckily, he remembered there was a passable American remake!

Then it’s a small walk to the next part of the crumbling abode to the TV section. Of course, Dec is the expert on all things streaming and the choices here are excellent – although once again Graham is refusing to come out from under the covers to watch any of them. That sheet was so tightly wrapped around him we thought it was a ghost impression! Despite that, Jeff even offered to hold his hand through some of the scary bits, but sadly that was also met with refusal.

Finally, we came to a section that Graham was happy to visit. Dec gave us five music tracks that will be on repeat for the evening. From the classic to the modern and thankfully no rap to scare Jeff!

Now if you are really lucky you will be getting your black card invite through the post for this amazing event very shortly. Forget Universal’s Horror Nights, this is the place to be seen this year – although the evil spirits that abide there do claim likeminded souls to join them. Funnily enough, no one has seen Neil or Listener Frank since their recent visits.

Once Halloween is over, Declan will be preparing for his next big event. The planning of this year’s Carry On Christmas Streaming.

Meanwhile, please come back tomorrow for another of our Halloween specials.

See you then or at the flicks.


The Haunting

The Haunting Of Hill House

Cry Little Sister From The Lost Boys

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