061: Actors of the Previous Generation

You asked for it – you now have it!

There was much debate with our listeners over show 52, “Actors Of Our Generation”. Some of our choices were questioned – “Why don’t you like Ryan Gosling?”, “Surely, Matt Damon should be on the list?” and, perhaps most telling of all, “Where is Rebel Wilson?”

Now we have broadened the debate. Let’s look at the actors of the previous generation. Do you agree with our choices – is there anyone we have missed?

Please let us know your thoughts?

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060: Wine Lucy and Composers

On this show, Jeff admits he’s wrong! It doesn’t happen often (well, never) so listen out for it.

We have an interview with young South African film composer Daniel Gadd. Make a note of that name, he is a talent to watch. Daniel talks about his musical roles on some very big British films and documentaries. We feature his score from “Bruce Lee and The Outlaw”.

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058: Dash to the Reviews

Regular listeners to the show know what a stickler for detail our Neil is. He has to review and approve everything before we are allowed to upload each podcast. Unfortunately the end of September also clashed with the annual Tory party conference, for which Neil has a season ticket. So we had to wait for his return before we could get his seal of approval and then put the show out.

Sorry about that.

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